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Silicon Valley Gastronomic Adventures

March 23, 2008

I got a couple of requests to document which restaurants I considered “must visit” on my recent Silicon Valley trip.I’m partial to Asian cuisine, and it’s a good area for that, so things are going to be weighted in that direction. I mostly didn’t want to duplicate anything I could get in NH.

  1. In-N-Out Burger on the first night. Got in kinda late, called Dave W and picked up burgers on the way over to his place. I’m an animal-style junkie.
  2. Krungthai MV for lunch with Dave W. Still lagged and adjusting at this point.
  3. New Krungthai SJ for dinner with some of the recurring Friday crowd. I just noticed that the original SJ and the MV Krungthai have a different website from New Krungthai. I made no objection at all to Thai two meals in a row.
  4. Thai Garden in Palo Alto for recurring Thursday event. The Thai trifecta!
  5. Gojo (Ethiopian) in SJ. This is probably my favorite Ethiopian place. Better food than the old Red Sea and better value than Zeni.
  6. Su’s Mongolian BBQ lunch with some of the current and former Azul gang. The have shrimp now, but there was no lamb this time. Pity.
  7. HBFD (recurring Friday dinner) at Yat Sing 3 aka Millie’s. Potstickers!
  8. Saturday potluck at Debbie’s place. I cooked Chinese broccoli with belachan and Chinese sausage at Dave W’s place in the morning. Mmm… stinky. Thanks Dave! Potluck was just perfect.
  9. Sunday dim sum at Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant with Dave W. This place is so much better than Hong Sing Teahouse that used to be in this location.
  10. Sunday dinner at Julia’s. I got to do some cooking (and minding the roast) while Julia did laundry.
  11. Monday lunch with Jim W at Amber Cafe in MV. I can get Indian food in NH, but never seem to, mostly due to lack of people to join me.
  12. Dinner at Vive Sol in MV. This place specializes in Puebla Mexican cuisine. I like it better than Fiesta Del Mar and La Fiesta. After dinner drinks and Wii at Yan’s new place.
  13. Lunch at Kirk’s Steakburger in Cupertino with Greg B. Greg seems to be having an awesome time working at Apple again.
  14. Pizza and drinks at Dave W’s place. Not bad, but NY style pizza in California still isn’t quite up to par. I can get pretty good pizza in NH.
  15. Late lunch on Wednesday from La Bamba in MV. Super burrito, al pastor w/ jalepenos. I really miss the “San Francisco burrito” (look it up on Wikipedia). Can’t get anything quite like it in NH. Dos Amigos Burritos claims to provide a California style burrito, but I find it to be just okay, not great.
  16. Dinner and snacks with Chris and Kim in Boulder Creek. Pigged out on appetizers at the local pub.
  17. Round two at Thai Garden for Thursday lunch. I really miss the recurring meal/social events.
  18. I’m kinda blanking on Thursday dinner and Friday lunch. I think I was trying to cut back a bit by this point.
  19. HBFD Friday dinner at Classic Sichuan in Millbrae near train station. The Great Sichuan Schism caused some of the staff from Little Sichuan in San Mateo to open up / move to Classic Sichuan. Both restaurants are good, but I give the slight nod to Classic Sichuan. It’s worth the occasional trip from further south on the peninsula.
  20. Saturday was solo guilty pleasure day. I’m not going to get into it.
  21. Sunday dim sum again at HK Saigon Seafood Harbor. More people means more variety! I’m really pining for actual dim sum in NH.
  22. Monday lunch with Dave W. Was well past time for some Vietnamese fare. Pho and iced coffee. This is Bay Area comfort food for me.
  23. Dinner at Chez Sovan (Cambodian) in Campbell with current and former Azul crowd. Glad to have fit this in, this place was definitely on my list.
  24. Tuesday lunch at Myung Dong Tofu Cabin (Korean) in Santa Clara. I like their stone bowl seafood bi-bim-bab and all the various pickles. No Korean food in NH whatsoever.

And there you have it!