Travel Plans

I will be arriving in the S.F. Bay Area on Tuesday night, March 4 and leaving on Tuesday night, March 11.

During my stay, I will be available for both public and private functions at reasonable rates. Reserve now!


4 Responses to “Travel Plans”

  1. Jim Says:

    Hey Travis, Let’s get together while you’re out here. Hope to see you then!

  2. Boulder Creek Chris Says:

    Of course you are welcome here or if your schedule is busy, let us know where you will be dining some night and Kim and I will join the fun.

  3. Your favorite Smartass Says:

    I received your request to see me.
    I accept- Please pay me in 20’s & 100’s- nicely wrapped from the bank. You can deliver payment ina duffel bag.

  4. your girlfirend, at least according to some smartass Says:

    I have been trying to come up with a list of restaurants that might interest you while you are staying here. Yat Sing aka Millie’s for pot stickers, (I know of a freezer where you can keep your frozen pot stickers until you have to leave and nobody will touch your pot stickers) Rangoon where you can follow up with a trip to Prolific Oven for Lady Regina cake and maybe Krung Thai? I was just making suggestions so that people would be able to make sure you are getting all that good food that you have been missing. I thought people might also suggest other places that should visit while you are here. There might be new restaurants that you should be trying. I mean you only have 7 days to all that food that you miss.

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