A number of you have commented that I need to update my blog more frequently. To these people I say: I am not your messiah. Yet I am moved by the plight of those who suffer in silence, those who thirst but do not importune, awaiting the pearly drops of whatever it is I occasionally disseminate here. Let this blog posting be as a wellspring in the wasteland revealed unto my silent supplicants.

So I’ve had a couple of ideas for disaster movies lately. This is going to be a big time for disaster movies.

  • Live action Katamari Damacy movie. Stuff rolling is a truly frightening disaster scenario that has never been brought to the big screen. Pretty much everyone I know who has played the game is an adult, so aim for an R rating to really capture the confusion and terror.
  • Sprawling epic providing a realistic portrayal of global economic collapse. Can we call the movie Crash if there are already at least two other films of that name? Since there’s a precedent for name confusion already, I say go for it. I’m envisioning a big Planet of the Apes “You blew it up!” sort of finale.

On another note, I did some shopping at Wal-Mart today. I think more people work there than shop there, at least here in NH. For the sake of efficiency, I began exchanging pleasantries with the cashier while the woman in front of me was still removing her purchases from the bag-go-round.

Now I can’t quite bring myself to say “I’m well” when the person I’ve just queried has told me “I’m good”. Sometimes I’ll say “I’m doing well”, but usually I’ll just say “I’m good” and be done with it. I’m truly a man of the people that way. I can’t help but feel it’s somewhat rude to correct the savages, and I don’t have the patience for multiple daily performances of Pygmalion. My predilection for correctness has become blunted over the years.

So I tell the Wal-Mart cashier that I’m “good”. The woman in front of me suddenly stops triple-checking the bag-go-round for occult treasure, turns towards me, and distinctly mouths the word well before quickly turning back and wheeling her cart away. This is the first time I’ve found myself corrected by a third party on this issue.

I’ve known a few other women who would emphasize the well to (not so) subtly let the other party know that they were definitely not good. (Karen at Azul did this.) It’s always women. Girl power? Sub rosa dominatrices?


4 Responses to “Well…”

  1. Boulder Creek Chris Says:

    Truly it’s been too long since the last missive. My life is realigned with the global currents once again.

  2. Dave Filice Says:

    Seen yer blog. I’m good.

  3. The typically smartass - however not today Mari Says:

    OMG! as I was reading the 3rd paragraph form the end- or actually in that moement the 4th paragraph from the begining ( Cause subpoints count as part of a paragraph right?) And I read… “I’m well” I IMMEDIATELY I mean INSTANTLY in that very moment pictured KAren inteh kitchen in all black withher pink shawl over her shoulders saying I’m Well, thank you.


    ANd I’m soooo Bougie ghetto-fab that i always answer I’m cool, Thanks!

  4. The typically smartass - however not today Mari Says:

    ps– sorry i also have shitty punctuation. spelling correctly is enough of an effort.

    Damn MS-Word spellcheck.

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