I’ve been settling into the old homestead, continuing to unpack (not even close), decorate, make minor repairs, etc. Still feels like there’s a lot to do. If this was just an apartment, I think I’d feel about done already. But no, I’ve got the old house, garage, barn, and the surrounding grounds to manage. Home ownership is like a job where one pays rather than receives money. Kind of like University or (I’m guessing here) raising a child. It’s time to start seriously recruiting for my compound. I require additional laborors to achieve self sufficiency. Maybe I should offer a signing bonus?

The last couple of weeks I’ve been entertaining guests from California. Dave had some trouble getting here (thanks, NWA) and was without his checked bag for a while. Still, we had beautiful, very summerlike, weather during Dave’s entire stay. Sunny and in the 70s and 80s. Dave was able to swim in my parent’s pond twice and once in the ocean. The foliage was still a bit early and weak due to the dry and warm weather. Dave’s now threatening to come back in the winter to test how bad it really gets. Honestly, I’d rather go visit him in California at that time!

Now Debbie has arrived (no problems at all) and has come bearing frozen potstickers from Millie’s (Yat Sing in SF Bay Area)! I really miss good Chinesey food here. Now the weather’s taken a turn for wetter. I’m hoping we get some clear days to actually appreciate the fall scenery. Off to Phil’s diner, a friday morning tradition, for breakfast. More to follow later.


4 Responses to “Houseguests”

  1. PaulR Says:

    Oh, sure, you’re willing to accept potstickers from Cali but when I ask you to FedEx an In-N-Out burger in a special vacuum-packed bad you say no.

    By the way, the best place for breakfast is the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth. Get the home fries.

  2. travesh Says:

    Picked up Debbie at C&J in Portsmouth Wednesday morning. We then proceeded to breakfast at… the Friendly Toast. I got eggs benedict with… home fries. Great minds Paul, great minds…

    Now what are the special taste delights of New Jersey?

  3. PaulR Says:

    New Jersey great tastes? Um… beer, maybe?

    They do like the Italian down here, and it’s not too bad. Kristin was excited to be back in the land of decent pizza but alas, Simon is sensitive to dairy so she’s had to hold off while she’s still nursing. On the bright side, there are approximately one thousand dim sum restaurants around here! We’ve got three within spitting distance (not that you’d want to spit on them) and that makes me very happy. The diners are plentiful, too.

    Unfortunately, at the moment we’re too poor and busy to eat out much. Though I’ve just started going out for Saturday morning breakfast again. Alas, I haven’t found any eggs benedict as good as the Country Gourmet in Cali.

  4. Your favorite Smartass... Says:

    OH i have so many comments…

    My first was wondering If Dave had been held up or given wrong directions or was he simply grooving so hard to teh cd he missed his turn. All these ideas deriving form the NWA reference.. but alas the airline and not the Rap group nor Ethnic kids.

    Food: As you know I just got back from a week of Gluttony in MX in not kidding when you aren’t hungry and the smell of food makes you nautious but you eat it anyways cause tomorrow you might not get it– that is Pure unadulterated GLUTTONY = me in Mexico!!
    anyways… So Tomas and I go to lunch on TUesday of my return and what does he suggest…..Mexican.

    Anyways— let me knwo when you need me to ziploc and overnight you soem Real Guacamole.

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