Hot and/or Bothered

Today was, as they say, a wicked scorcher. 90s and humid, so I had very little motivation and hardly left the house. Overall, we’ve had pleasant weather this summer, so I can’t really complain. (But sometimes I still do.) Soon enough I’ll be complaining about the winter weather. New England people are very in tune with the seasons.

I got bored enough last Saturday morning to head down to Best Buy and pick up a TiVo HD. I was expecting more people there, but this area keeps surprising me. Even when people here complain about someplace being crowded, it doesn’t seem crowded to me at all. California crowded and New Hampshire crowded are clearly very different things. Maybe I should visit Hong Kong or something to readjust my perceptions.

Anyway, I can bear watching TV again now that I have a TiVo. I’ve been several years without television, but it just doesn’t make sense getting cable internet (which I need) without cable television as well due to bundled pricing. What I found is that I require time shifting and commercial skipping for TV to be bearable for me. I am now fully prepared for the new fall lineup.

I was motivated (bored) enough tonight to thoroughly explore my basement. Day to day, it’s easy enough for me to forget that I’m living in an old (c. 1850) house. The basement reminds me that this place has some history. It’s really quite frightening.


5 Responses to “Hot and/or Bothered”

  1. Dave Filice Says:

    Ghosts or Bodies in the basement?

    After about 8 yeras with a satellite/DVR, I find it unthinkable to watch TV in realtime. TIVO makes sense.

    FYI: The Silicon Valley has been on fire for a week. Smokey haze is everywhere, and a few days ago I was surrounded by a brief swirl of ash. It reminded me of snow in Boston. There is a grass fire in the Lick/Morgan Hill area.

    Anti-Boredom: As I recall, you have Netflix that you used to watch ST:TOS. Try their streaming video of a British series called : “Coupling”

  2. Mari Your favorite smartAss Says:

    A BASEMENT!! Duuude.. you must put in a dark room conditioned with full running water a fan that will not contaminate the whole damn place with dust but keep it smelling fresh by recycling the air r something.. OH wait- no that would defeat the purpose of immersing oneself in a darkroom full of chemicals.
    HMMM maybe you can just turn the darkroom into a torture chamber… and when you get motivated (bored) you can go down there and torture a few small non- native Chicks.
    šŸ™‚ u know who i’m referring to.

    oh and yea– Are you excited and caught up on all the seasons of Girls next door and Simple Life.. come on now.. You know “that’s Hot”

  3. PaulR Says:

    I couldn’t handle watching commercials again. I’d rather wait for every season of a show to come out on DVD.

    It does sound like you’re getting bored. Not bored enough to buy World of Warcraft and make a character on the Argent Dawn server, perhaps, but you’re certainly getting there. (Too subtle?)

  4. Dave Says:

    wicked pissah!

    dude the sox are fuckin nose-diving. go down and straighten them out!

  5. Dan L Says:

    Hey T, it’s time for your monthly blog posting!

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